GIN-Gle All the Way Funny Christmas Camping Mug

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Jingling bells and a cup full of gin have one very big thing in common: both will give you a headache. But one of the two is going to be a lot more fun -- and a lot tastier -- in the process. Celebrate a little Christmas gin with this Gin-Gle All the Way Christmas mug.

Enamel CoEnamel Mugs:

Our 12 oz vintage reproduction enamel mugs are made from a thick enamel-coated steel. They are heavy (for enamel mugs-- still lighter than ceramic), smooth, wonderful to drink from, and crazy sturdy. You can abuse the heck out of them. Each one is unique and may have flaws and variations in the finish and print. This is part of the charm of these camp mugs. Please expect personality, not perfection.

Each mug is individually printed in our Seattle studio, and made with love and care... and a small hope of offending at least one person who sees it.

Toss these into a bag to take on a picnic, or take camping and abuse liberally. They're good for sneaky cups of wine or whiskey wherever you happen to be.


These are steel under enamel. So please don't use them in the microwave unless you want to create a localized lightning storm in your kitchen and pretend you're Harry Potter. Or Voldemort.

They are dishwasher safe and won't fade... though keep in mind that metal does rust, so any chips in the enamel will allow the steel underneath to rust if you put it in the dishwasher. But in general... dishwashing should be fine. The hand-stamped logo on the bottom of each mug is intended to be imperfect, and may wear with time.